Accept Bid
The seller of an NFT can accept a bid which a buyer has placed by using the acceptBid method.
function acceptBid( bytes memory signature, uint256 auctionid, address bidder, uint256 bid, uint256 tokenid, uint256 minbid, uint256 startblock, uint256 expireblock) external
bytes signature
Bid message signed by the bidder
uint256 auctionid
ID used to cancel/consume a bid message
address bidder
Address of bidder
uint256 bid
Wei amount of bid
uint256 tokenid
On-contract ID of the NFT
uint256 minbid
Minimum bid allowed
uint256 startblock
Block at which the bid can now be accepted
uint256 expireblock
Block at which the bid can no longer be accepted
Last modified 5mo ago
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