Zero Docs


zFI introduces the notion of staking into the Wilder community. It allows holders to stake their WILD or their WILD <> ETH LP tokens, given by Uniswap for providing liquidity to the pool here.
When staking, users earn rewards at a rate of XYZ%. Users are also optionally able to lock their stake for a maximum of a year for 2x rewards. When a stake is locked it means that it is inaccessible during the specified period. This period cannot be longer than 365 days from the time of staking.
Rewards are processed automatically when a user makes a change to their position by either staking more or unstaking unlocked token. This sends their rewards to a token vault where they are then locked for one year from the time of redemption.
When an amount of token has completed its lock period it will by default remain in the pool until redeemed by the user. Once a user has claimed their unlocked token back, it is moved out of the staking pools and into their wallet again.