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Zero Name Service (ZNS)

Zero Addresses are made up of a hierarchical set of registries and registry entries on the Ethereum blockchain.
Let's review the constituent parts of a Zero Address by evaluating the following: ‘0::rootaddr:domain:content’:
  • 0:: -> is used to signify the beginning of a Zero Address path.
  • 0:rootaddr -> The first value in the address is a root domain that references a unique Registry Contract and Member-defined reference value.
  • 0:rootaddr:domain -> The second value in the address is a domain that references an Entry within the Registry, along with a Member-defined reference value.
  • 0:rootaddr:domain:content -> The third value in the address represents a path defined within the Registry Entry.
In relation to traditional DNS addressing, the 0:: is comparable to http://, the ‘rootaddr’ is comparable to a TLD like .com or .io, the domain is comparable to a domain, and content is comparable to a relative path on a web server.