Zero Docs

Staking & Governance

ZNS is responsible for managing the ownership and routing of globally persistent namespaces through Zero Registries and Registry Entries, which are also referred to as root domains and domains, respectively. A primary necessity within distributed systems (such as IPFS, BitTorrent and the Internet) is the requirement for a globally consistent addressing structure for universally accessing content (hence, http). Given that zChain is peer-to-peer, there is no simple way to ensure human readable addressing is globally unique, making it difficult for Members and search engines to store and index content. ZNS solves this problem by enabling Members to purchase and register traversalable namespaces, such as a Member handle or Network name, which maps directly to a persistent digital reference location. ZNS is inspired using core concepts from Internet DNS, along with Token Curated Registries, blockchain Identity providers like Civic, and crypto domain providers like Unstoppable Domains. A vertically integrated global routing and identity protocol enables Zero Networks and Members to set their own registration stake prices, and creates a universally consistent method for indexing global content.
The eventual objective of ZNS is that modern browsers and web3 projects adopt the protocol to create a more customizable, flexible, and decentralized alternative to modern DNS, which also includes the introduction of human verification and superior financial incentives.