Common Problems and Solutions

My transaction is too expensive!

Gas fees associated with Ethereum transactions are an artifact of demand on the network, and as such are beyond control of any single protocol like ZNS. Check gas prices on Etherscan; if GWEI is high, try waiting until it lowers to perform a ZNS transaction.

"Cannot estimate gas" in MetaMask or other web wallet?

This is a broad error that generally means "something will revert with the way this transaction is formed right now" but it does not provide the information as to what specifically will fail.
For context, when MetaMask tries to form the transaction, calculates the necessary fees ahead of time based on the expected Solidity opcodes to be used in that contract's code for the transaction. When something is expected to fail, Metamask is unable to correctly do this calculation.
To resolve this, try dissecting each argument you're providing to the function you're trying to execute. Ask yourself, what is the current state of this or other contracts my transaction will call to? Does my knowledge of the state of those contracts is match what is true? Am I allowed to give certain values as arguments to this function?
Please note: this is a living document! This section will grow and change over time as the protocol grows with users and feature-richness.
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