Payment config for subdomain registration can be provided during the registration process for the parent domain, or can be set by the domain's owner or operator at any time later.

There are two options for payment management in ZNS:

  • DIRECT - A payment made by the subdomain registrant that transfers the price of subdomain registration to the beneficiary address set by the parent domain owner in its payment configuration. A protocol fee is taken by ZERO to be burned.

  • STAKE - A payment that stakes the calculated price of subdomain registration in the ZNSTreasury contract. It also transfers a stake fee -- if one is specified -- to the beneficiary specified by the parent domain's owner in its payment configuration. A protocol fee is additionally taken by ZERO to be burned. With the STAKE registration option, users have the ability to unstake their stake payment and by refunded their stake amount in full via the domain revocation process (see Domain Revocation (Destruction)). Upon revocation, the protocol fee will be taken again.

The payment configuration requires specifying two fields:

  • Payment Token: Address of the ERC-20 token chosen for the subdomain registration payments by the parent domain owner. By default, this is ZERO's MEOW token, but can be changed.

  • Beneficiary: Address that will receives funds from the purchase of a subdomain.

The above data can be set repeatedly and at any time by a domain's owner or designated operator. An additional protocol fee exists on top of any of the above-described transactions for any non-zero (0) priced domain. This fee will be sent to the beneficiary specified in the configuration for the 0x0 domain hash. This is a value ZERO sets as a small fee for enabling the domain system protocol.

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