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zSpace is the Metaverse.
A persistent, photorealistic, and entirely virtual dimension of reality.
It enables social communication, collaboration, financial transactions and onchain governance to occur directly between players (herein after referred to as Members), in an entirely virtual and immersive digital space, independent of third parties.
zSpace is built on the Zero Open System (zOS). This enables the full scale distribution, decentralization, and continuous operation of the Metaverse. Members can establish sovereign decentralized cooperatives in zSpace in the form of Universes, Galaxies, and Worlds, which can create 3D immersive worlds, as well as blockchain-based monetary and governance systems.
zSpace is operated with Infinity, Zero's native protocol token, which enables Members to buy and sell hosting power in the Zero Grid, a distributed peer-to-peer network run entirely by Zero Members. Members operate 'World Servers' that host individual game instances that seamlessly connect to provide a fully persistent and infinite virtual world.